XIPA - Pioneering and Transformative new Machine Learning Technology from Xitadel

“Powered by Machine Learning, XIPA sets a new benchmark for High Performance in CAE Modeling”

Complex Plastic subsystems such as Doors, IP, Bumper/Fascia can now be modeled at near-Batch speeds to achieve over 90% reduction from traditional modeling approaches. XIPA is now being extended to provide similar benefits to sheet metal and casting applications.

XIPA Generic:

Manual Modeling time savings of upto 50%.

High Performance Industry-Generic CAE Modeling Technology.

Incorporates a Library of Geometric features along with generic specifications and guidelines for modeling.

XIPA Custom:

Manual Modeling time savings upto 90% or more. 

High Performance Customer-Specific CAE Modeling Technology.

Includes an enhanced Library of Customer specific Geometric features trained for customer specific modeling guidelines.

XIPA is ANSA compatible and licensed through a Business Partnership with BETA CAE Systems that also ensures version compatibility.

Auto OEMs across the globe are actively engaged in incorporating XIPA technology in their CAE processes.

Contact sales@xitadel.com for more details.