XIPA - Pioneering and Transformative new Machine Learning Technology from Xitadel

“XIPATM, powered by Machine Learning (ML) sets new standards for High Performance CAE Model Build Technology”

Complex Plastic subsystems such as Doors, IP, Bumper/Fascia can now be Meshed and Assembled with Connectors at near-Batch speeds to achieve substantial reduction from traditional modeling approaches.


  • Machine Learning Automation of typical Geometric features and Connections; Generic Modeling Specifications and Guidelines
  • Save ~50% vs. Traditional Meshing time 
XIPA Custom: Customer Specific
  • Machine Learning Training for additional Customization
  • Machine Learning Automation of Customer Geometric features and Connections; Customer Modeling Specifications and Best practices
  • Save ~80% or more vs. Traditional Meshing time

XIPA and XIPA Custom each offers ML Automation of Meshing and Connectors.

XIPA recognizes and classifies Geometric Features for high performance Automated Meshing. It is ideal for Complex subsystems such as Doors, IP, Bumper/Fascia that are time consuming to Model and Assemble with traditional tools.

XIPA recognizes and models Connectors, and allows for swapping Connectors automatically. 

XIPA is currently being extended to Sheet metal, Castings, Automated Feature substitution and Intersection removal applications. 

XIPA is ANSA compatible and licensed through a Business Partnership with BETA CAE Systems that also ensures version compatibility.

Auto OEMs across the globe are actively engaged in incorporating XIPA technology in their CAE processes. 

Contact sales@xitadel.com for more details.

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