CARSIM ─Mechanical Simulation

Mechanical Simulation Corporation produces software tools for simulating and analyzing the dynamic behavior of motor vehicles in response to steering, braking, and acceleration control and environmental inputs. These software tools are extensively validated and correlated to real world results as measured and observed by many automotive OEMs around the world.

CarSim, TruckSim and BikeSim are VehicleSim products that provide the most accurate and realistic predictions that are possible, in a form that can be easily used by most engineers and technical staff.

Accurate and Fast Vehicle Simulation

Mechanical Simulation Corporation provides the most accurate and computationally efficient methods for simulating the dynamic performance of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and a wide range of specialty vehicles.

After decades of research, development, and proving ground validation by worldwide vehicle manufactures, our VehicleSim suite of car, truck, and motorcycle simulation products are universally the preferred tools for vehicle dynamics, vehicle control development, and test engineering.

Open Architecture for Seamless Integration

While many of our customers are vehicle dynamics experts, a growing number of engineers from other disciplines use our VehicleSim architecture to integrate and test their own adaptive vehicle sub- systems. Whether it's adding advanced control systems, or extending part of the vehicle model (tires, power train, etc.), VehicleSim products offer seamless communication with your software (SIL) and hardware (HIL) technologies.