Our vision

Pushing the frontiers of Simulation
to significantly accelerate Virtual Product Development processes

Xitadel aspires to be the leader in NextGen Simulation solutions. Xitadel is a Vision Driven company that is inspired by the Promise of Tomorrow. We will help you achieve your Product Development objectives enabled by our NextGenCAE Solutions and our Culture of Innovation. We push the frontiers of simulation with the latest technological advances in Process Automation, AI/ML, IoT, Digital Twin, IT, Embedded, Digital Platform and Data Analytics.

How Xitadel creates Value

NextGen Simulation is the central proposition in our solutions offerings.

We operate in a mutually reinforcing Technology – Services coupled model. Our Technology development benefits from our Services expertise and vice versa. This model creates Value for our Customers and unique competitive advantage for Xitadel.

Our Grand Legacy

Where Legacy embraces NextGen


Xitadel’s pioneering legacy includes CAE Solutions that span several global OEMs and suppliers, technology development and innovation and R&D partnership with US DOT/NHTSA.

Innovation is in our DNA!

Xitadel strives to generate innovative and transformative solutions. We envision the future and our culture of innovation brings together all elements of our domain expertise, technical breadth, depth and creativity.

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Our Solution Offerings

Xitadel is at the forefront of a wave of change that is sweeping the industry! Xitadel’s solution offerings reflect its visionary approach in addressing this change!

Technology Solutions

Xitadel Technologies


Blue Ocean Technology

A trailblazer for CAE
full Model Build Process

Transformative CAE
Slashes Modeling
Time and Cost
More time for Analysis
and Optimization
Makes Virtual Product
Development a Reality

Emerging technologies

Xitadel’s visionary approach focuses on ‘NextGen Virtual Product Development’, a label that transforms traditional Virtual Product Development by infusing new and exciting emerging technologies such as AI/ML, Digital Twin/IoT, Data Analytics.


Advanced Intelligence reshapes Simulation technology!

Data analytics

Extract Intelligence from Data!

Digital twin

Digital prototype partners with Physical systems!


Making cars smarter & more intelligent!

Talent solutions

Skilled Engineering Talent
that complements your

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Partner Software Products

Xitadel has partnerships with leading sources of products, technology and expertise.

  • Faster than real-time multi body vehicle dynamics
  • Supports model-based workflows
  • ICE, hybrid and electric powertrains
  • Native ABS, TSC and ESC controllers

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset

Our Clients

Trusted by the most famous brands across the globe for our uncompromising commitment and exceptional value in delivering innovative, high-quality technology solutions

WHAT OUR Clients
Are saying

Who we are

As a trusted partner, you can depend on Xitadel to provide outstanding value to your organization in all areas of World Class Technology, Expertise and Consulting.

We will help you embrace and shape the future

Come collaborate with us and let Xitadel take your Company to greater heights.