Xitadel’s solutions are ideally suited for industry segments that leverage simulation technology for rapid product development. Xitadel has breadth and depth of simulation expertise to support end-to-end product development in the Automotive, Energy, CPG and Life Science industries.


Xitadel works with leading OEMs worldwide in these industry segments in a collaborative manner to support all phases of their product development from concept design to manufacturing. Xitadel’s domain knowledge with regard to industry best practices, regulatory requirements and manufacturing and product engineering requirements are key to providing best-in-class solutions.


New Technologies are enabling the Next Generation of Vehicles

The Automotive industry is undergoing fundamental transformation. Electric and Autonomous vehicles are redefining the industry, demanding and driving new innovation in product development. Simulation is a crucial component in the development of Light-weight multi-material structures; optimization and stochastics play a role in developing efficient and robust designs; AI/ML are important in the development of Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS); Multiphysics and coupled solutions are key to the development of Electric Vehicles.

Xitadel is well positioned to address conventional simulation needs of the Automobile industry such as NVH, Durability and Crash. In addition, Xitadel has a sharp focus on the evolving elements of NextGenCAE including Lightweight materials, Multiphysics, Optimization and Stochastics, Vehicle Dynamics/ADAS, Model Based Design and Embedded applications.

Automotive EV Solutions

Clean and sustainable mobility solution

The advancement in Battery management technology and the increased range of Electric Vehicles has contributed to the rapid adoption of EV over conventional vehicles.

With Multiphysics CAE Simulation solutions, Xitadel is supporting OEMs with core simulation technology that addresses Range, Optimum Battery performance, Thermal Management of Battery, Life prediction etc.

Consumer Product Goods (CPG)

Multidisciplinary Simulation expertise Improves Shelf life and Product

The Consumer Packaging industry today faces multiple challenges of reducing material consumption whilst increasing the packaging strength; improving product performance; enhancing the design cycles, reducing cost and improving environmental sustainability through recycling.

Xitadel has domain expertise in CPG Simulations spanning Packaging, Analysis and Process flow development. We can seamlessly integrate several tasks and sub-processes like Filling Simulation, Stack-up analysis, Drop Test, Squeezing analysis etc.


Drone Data Analytics for Solar Panel predictive maintenance

Renewable energy will play a key role in the de-carbonization of our energy systems. Solar energy is gaining importance and is one of the most important renewable energy sources with low maintenance and long-term sustainability. Predictive maintenance is important aspect as the solar panels are connected in series and one panel failure may result in disruption of the complete grid.

Xitadel has expertise in Predictive Analytics using AI/ML image processing technology. Thermal signature obtained by Drone flown over the solar fields is used to identify the faulty Panels for predictive maintenance.

Life sciences

Bio-Imaging and Machine Learning application for laser treatment

The Life Sciences and Healthcare industry employs advanced technology to develop Medical devices that are superior and provide customized patient-centric solutions.

Xitadel is developing a Bio-imaging solution with a leading medical equipment supplier that will use Machine Learning technology to identify and classify tumors. The technology can also be extended to position the laser gun in real time to account for patient movement during laser treatment.

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