Xitadel is a technology driven company at the forefront of a new era in NextGen Simulation. Xitadel’s visionary approach to NextGen Simulation focuses on blending the benefits of traditional and advanced Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) with the transformational potential of the exciting new Emerging technologies.

CAE spans Traditional CAE (NVH, Durability, Crash, Thermal-CFD) and Advanced CAE (Lightweight materials, Multiphysics, Optimization, ADAS). Emerging technologies include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), Digital twin/IoT, Data Analytics, IT/Embedded and Digital Platform (3DX).

Xitadel’s visionary approach delivers unprecedented new capability and productivity that makes virtual product development a reality.

Xitadel is constantly seeking novel ways to create and contribute exceptional value as industries and our customers embrace the radical technology transformation underway.

Our Vision

Pushing the frontiers of Simulation to significantly accelerate Virtual Product Development processes

Xitadel aspires to be the leader in NextGen Simulation solutions. Xitadel is a Vision Driven company that is inspired by the Promise of Tomorrow. We will help you achieve your Product Development objectives enabled by our NextGenCAE Solutions and our Culture of Innovation.

Our Value Proposition

NextGen Simulation is the central proposition in our solutions offerings.

Xitadel generates and delivers Value through our mutually reinforcing Technology – Services coupled model. Our Services expertise enables the development of our Technology and in turn our Technologies enable unique value in our Services. This “Yin-Yang” solutions model creates Value for our Customers and is a unique competitive advantage for Xitadel.

Our Technology – Services coupled solutions model offers both expertise and unique technologies.



Xitadel’s pioneering legacy includes CAE Solutions that span major global OEMs and suppliers, technology development and innovation and R&D partnership with US DOT/NHTSA.


The Company was founded by Prakash ‘Krish’ Krishnaswamy, a technology-oriented entrepreneur. Krish is passionate about impacting industry as it undergoes fundamental transformation. His decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, together with his zeal for technology and his connections with thought leaders spanning industry, business and the technology space, enable him to catalyze fresh transformative solution models.

Message from our Leadership Prakash 'Krish' Krishnaswamy

Strategic Technology Partners

Xitadel has partnerships with leading sources of technology and expertise. These partnerships span multiple industries including Automotive, Construction equipment, CPG, Medical devices, etc. Our worldwide CAE network spans Technology Partners such as BETA CAE, Mechanical Simulation Corporation, Dassault Systèmes, ThermoAnalytics and influential organizations such as NHTSA, NTEA, NAFEMS etc.

Quality Certification

In our endeavor to deliver service par excellence to our customers, we continually strive to enhance customer satisfaction. In this quest we are proud to announce that we are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISMS 27001:2013 certified company. We are also a TISAX accredited company enabling us to serve our European Automotive clients. We believe that this significant milestone is the culmination of our commitment to uncompromising quality standards over the years. We will continue to serve our customers with vigor and enthusiasm!

Our Clients

The Customer is at the core of our value framework. We believe the Customer is our most valued partner, the reason for our very existence. We strive to create value for our customers in all aspects of our offerings.

Xitadel’s technologies and expertise are making a difference to the critical Product Development initiatives of major global OEMS. World renowned for their products and services, our customers demand exceptional technologies, service and support. As a partner to these companies, Xitadel goes the extra mile to fulfill their exacting needs and expectations. The core of our partnership relationship is mutual respect and fairness.

Our People

At Xitadel our people will evolve in a culture of innovation, accelerated learning and growth. We are committed to continuous investments in the growth of our team members. Our people actively take responsibility for their own self-development. We’re hungry, we’re passionate and we love tough problems and new challenges.

As a trusted partner, you can depend on Xitadel to provide outstanding value to your organization in all areas of World Class Technology, Expertise and Consulting.

We will help you embrace and shape the future

Come collaborate with us and let Xitadel take your Company to greater heights.