Smart antennas are adaptive antenna arrays that have more than one antenna. It calculates the optimal combination of antennas using sophisticated algorithms to combine signals transmitted from antennae and enhance them at a receiving end. This also increases the coverage distance of signals, which will result in increased transmission speed. The optimum use of beamforming and antenna array technologies is being achieved by intelligent antennas, which are thus benefiting from better performance. This smart antenna system acts as a foundation for future mobile communication, with the world being ruled by 5G.

Antennas are eye for the wireless communication, so designing of antenna & microwave component and its integration are critical to ensuring antenna performance is not compromised. Antenna Engineers have the challenging task of delivering high performance smart antenna system for at optimum cost. Join us to learn the recent advancement in smart antenna design optimization, beamforming concept, and design of microwave component and its integration with adaptive antenna.

What you will learn:

  • Smart antenna integration & Industrial Digitization and business scope
  • Electromagnetic Simulation
  • Smart Antenna Design and Placement
  • RF &Microwave component design strategies and integration

Who should attend:

  • Antenna Design Engineers
  • RF and Microwave component design Engineers
  • Students
  • Research fellows
  • Faculties