Innovation on a single domain at a time is not feasible since real-life problems involve multiple domains that influence each other. Multiphysics considers the simultaneous effects of Structural, Thermal, Fluid and Electrical disciplines, thus delivering superior designs with higher fidelity.

Xitadel has in-depth expertise in complex Multiphysics Simulations that is applicable to automotive industry including Electric Vehicles and Consumer Products Goods (CPG) industry, etc.

The dawn of the EV era has spurred the development and application of Multiphysics. For example, Fluid-Thermal coupling simulation is vitally important in Battery Thermal Management, Cabin Comfort Management. Fluid-Structure, Structure-Fluid-Thermal, Structure-Thermal coupled simulations are key to achieving optimal EV system performance.

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) covers a broad range of problems in which fluid flow and structural deformation interact with each other. The interactions are Thermal, Mechanical or both and can be either steady or transient.

Xitadel offers Complex Fluid Structure Interaction expertise for such applications as packaging simulation in the CPG industry and sloshing in Automotive and Marine applications etc.


Fluid Flow Simulation

Soil Structure Interaction

Airbag Deployment

Tire Hydroplaning

Fluid Sloshing

Structure-Fluid-Thermal Interaction

Structure-Fluid-Thermal Interaction is a key consideration in the design for Automotive and Heavy Duty applications as it impacts emission, fuel efficiency and component life.

Xitadel’s expertise in complex Multiphysics system simulations like Underhood, Underbody (UH/UB) and Exhaust systems for a broad range of operating conditions like heat soak, transient conditions, aging, creep, distortion, fluid and air flow, heat flux, radiation, convection, reflection, time, plasticity, etc.


EV System

Underbody Simulation

Muffler Simulation

Under Hood Simulation

Structure-Thermal Interaction

The Structural-Thermal Interaction is an important consideration in Design for the Automotive and Heavy-duty industry applications, as this interaction results in premature failure and reduced life of components. Typical applications include Brake Thermal simulation, Welding Simulation, Hot Forming etc.


Piping Thermal

Brake Thermal Analysis

Weld Simulation

Hot forming

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