Overview & Problem Statement

In today’s market customers are looking for low cost to prototype and High accuracy in production. To resolve this, many customers are now focusing on simulation-based studies that help them to understand the core performance of their product during manufacturing by various methods of simulations. These software will help the customers to solve their troubleshooting issues in initial stages in Product development or in tool making or in Production and also in the later stages of the tool making and production.

Xitadel’s Solution (how Xitadel plans to enhance this technology)

At Xitadel, we provide potential services in the fields of CAE (Plastic injection molding simulation) for varied sectors of industry like Automotive, Consumer, Heavy/Industrial Engineering & Aerospace. We have a determined, enthusiastic and highly skilled team of engineers, with enriched knowledge in respective domains with a unique blend of creativity and innovation. Our team of plastics, communicates with our customers every step of the way and can help optimize new parts before the mold build or troubleshoot existing parts that are causing troubles on the all segments from NPD(new product design) to Manufacturing and to Production floor

Flow Analysis

Injection Molding is an expensive and time-consuming process. By simulating this process – before production –we can identify and optimize the process to avoid molding uncertainty or to resolve an existing problem. With Xitadel’s expertise in flow & pack analysis, effective solutions melt front advancement is provided in the filling stage along with “switch-over” in the packing stage. Various applications in diagnosis & analysis of manufacturing issues are as below


Xitadel has expertise in cooling analysis which can accurately simulate any number of cooling designs to achieve the uniform part cooling and reduce potential warpage issues and also optimize the cycle time.


Xitadel has expertise in predicting final part deflection by considering the effects of Material, Product Design and Process conditions.

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