Xitadel participates in the 6th Automotive World, Held in Nagoya, the Heartland of Japanʼs Automotive Industry. Xitadel’s CEO, Prakash ‘Krish’ Krishnaswamy and Vice-President – Technology & Services, Mr Umesh Mallikarjunaiah will be presenting on Synthetic Data for InCabin & Exterior for Active & Passive Safety applications.

Xitadel has a stall at this conference- Stall number 7-42.

This 30-minute at the SDV Forum delves into the critical domains of active and passive safety in the automotive industry, with a primary focus on the innovative use of synthetic data for training in-cabin computer vision enabled technologies.

In the realm of active safety, we explore how synthetic data plays a pivotal role in enhancing InCabin monitoring, benefiting both drivers and occupants. By harnessing the power of synthetic data, we can accurately model various driving scenarios and develop advanced driver and occupant monitoring systems that can prevent accidents and mitigate risks in real-time.

Transitioning into passive safety, we will touch upon the complex world of synthetic data in the detection of crashworthiness for various occupant classes, including the vulnerable category of children. By generating synthetic data, we can simulate diverse crash scenarios and assess the effectiveness of safety systems, ultimately leading to improved vehicle design and occupant protection.

Join us in this presentation as we unravel the significance of synthetic data in revolutionizing active and passive safety measures, shaping the future of automotive safety technology.