Join us for an insightful Webinar on the Future of the Plastic Industry and Current Trends in R&D For Product Development, on August 10, 2023, where we will explore the growth prospects and opportunities in this dynamic sector.
Below data shows an industry transformation which gives a huge potential for the market growth

  • Expected CAGR till 2025: 8-10% plastic consumption growth per annum.
  • Targeted share in the plastic industry by 2023-24: 55% in the technical processing industry, currently at 1%.
  • Additional plastic consumption requirement by 2023-24: 1 million tons.
  • Global export growth expected in 2023-24: 3%.

As this industry experiences transformation and offers immense potential for market growth, we take an opportunity to discuss how big players are using technology for creating superior product at competitive price using technology thus maximize profits in the plastic industry.
We cordially invite you to be a part of this webinar as we delve into the current challenges, future of the plastic industry and strategize for its continued success.

Our Speaker

Vijaykumar Kamble

Director – Third Party Technology