1D Simulation Engineer

Simulation Engineer, 3-4 Years, Chennai

Job Description:

  • Extraction of fluid flow volume in GT-SPACECLAIM and GEM3D.
  • Fluid path discretization from CAD files in GEM3D.
  • Calibration and validation of piping after discretization in GEM3D with the help of 3D CFD result, then integration of those calibrated piping into the main model.
  • Build Underhood cooling system in COOL3D.
  • Model builds in GT-ISE at component level (Radiator, Condenser, Evaporator, Fan, Pump, Cabin, Compressor, and Battery etc) to check data sufficiency & data quality, and its calibration at component level.
  • Integrate components into system level; calibrate for steady state and transient analysis, and then post process in GT-POST the results of cooling system, Underhood system, and HVAC system.
  • Electric vehicle thermal management: Modeling and calibration of each component at component level, system level integration of each component, control logics implementation, simulate and interpret results such as cabin, battery, motor, inverter temperature, fluid temperature, power consumption and fluid flow rate for driving cycles.

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Educational Qualification:

B.E/B.Tech- Mechanical/ Automobile

Number of Positions:



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