Model-Based Design

The technological demands of the company aren’t constrained to standard set of software configurations and may need specific integrations, niche functionality etc.

Xitadel designs & configures to customer’s specifications & analyzes the specific problems and formulating tailored solutions to meet customer’s varied requirements. In addition, our team can provide customer development with ongoing support to your organization.

Xitadel’s set of packaged solutions include-

Xpress DENT

Xpress DENT is automated process tool for oil canning and denting analysis

  • Reduces effort for Intender positioning to several weak locations
  • Increases consistency and accuracy of positioning
  • Avoids effort for creation of contacts, loads & solver cards
  • Quickly generates the report to get insight of BiW


– Rigid Disk Creation

– Positioning

– Run and Create Report

Xpress Seating

Xpress Seating is automated process tool for Automatic Positioning of the Seat at various positions

  • Automatic Positioning of the Seat at various positions
  • Automatic Seat Belt routing
  • Auto definition of contact between the Seat Belt and Dummy
  • Automatically defining the solver control cards

Xpress CFD / Underhood & Underbody (UHUB)

Xpress CFD Automated process for CFD Modeling reduces the Modeling time 50-70 %

CFD Models take a long time for modeling because of many reasons:

  • Extraction of outer surface for the components
  • Connection between the two different surfaces
  • Creation of Watertight Geometry( WTG)
  • Clearing Mesh Quality Parameters
  • Exporting models for CFD/Thermal simulations
  • Report generation with Image and Hotspots in the Subsystem
  • Results Mapping from Thermal-Structural


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