Xitadel Group announces partnership with ThermoAnalytics Inc. of Michigan, USA

Bangalore,  January 4, 2016

The Xitadel Group is pleased to announce that we have established a partnership with ThermoAnalytics Inc. of Michigan, USA for distribution of their software products and services in India.

ThermoAnalytics is a leading developer of thermal, fluid-flow and infrared modeling software. ThermoAnalytics’ software products and services help engineers in organizations worldwide to optimize product concepts early in the design process, enabling them to significantly improve product quality while reducing product development time and cost. ThermoAnalytics’ software is used in many industries including heavy vehicle, automotive, aerospace, architecture, electronics, environmental, manufacturing, and defense applications.

ThermoAnalytics’ software products represent state-of-the-art thermal simulation technology and are aligned with Xitadel’s mission to deploy high value software products for the rapidly growing CAE market in India. Xitadel will promote these technologies in India, along with high quality technical support, training and associated engineering services. Xitadel will also organize technology seminars and user events related to any ThermoAnalytics software product available in India including; TAITherm (formally known as RadTherm), TAIThermIR, Human Thermal Module, Battery Module, and other exciting products in development.

ThermoAnalytics is anticipating that this relationship will bring high value to customers within India. “We are excited to be supporting our esteemed customers in India,” said Keith Johnson, CEO of ThermoAnalytics, “through our new partnership with Xitadel who will pair their highly qualified technical resources with ThermoAnalytics’ world-class thermal management software.”