Xitadel Group announces partnership with SIMCON kunststofftechnische Software GmbH

Bangalore,  April 1, 2022

Xitadel Group is pleased to announce a partnership with SIMCON kunststofftechnische Software GmbH for the distribution of their software products in India.

Xitadel is a vision driven company that offers NextGen simulation solutions. The company offers cutting edge simulation technologies and services that enable companies engage in rapid Virtual product development. Xitadel’s offerings include Xitadel’s in-house technologies, ODC services, third party technologies and skilled technical talent deployment.

Xitadel is a global technology company with over 40 years of legacy, serving the needs of leading customers in US, Europe, India and Japan.

SIMCON has been helping world-leading innovators get better, faster and cheaper injection molding results since 1988 . Once people discover what they can do with CADMOULD and VARIMOS, they stick with it. This is because SIMCON’s customers have come to rely on the speed, accuracy and ease of use of the software and the time, money and stress savings that result.

SIMCOM is an internationally operating software company began as a spin-off of one of the leading research institutes in the world, RWTH Aachen University’s Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV). They live and breathe the values of German engineering. Obsession with quality, thoroughness, and a pragmatic will to get things done in practice are what drives the team forward and to keep innovating!

Prakash “Krish” Krishnaswamy, CEO of Xitadel, is particularly excited about offering SIMCON’s world-class simulation and optimization software to the Indian market to fulfill the emerging demand for more advanced simulation and optimization capability in the injection molding simulation community.