What is XIPATM ?

A trailblazer for CAE full Model Build Process

XIPATM achieves an unprecedented level of productivity in the Automation of the Model-Build process. It’s very simple Graphical User Interface allows for meshing and modeling with just push of a few buttons.

XIPA, powered by ML sets a new standard for High Performance CAE Model Build Technology. Complex Plastic subsystems such as Doors, IP, Bumper/Fascia can now be Meshed and Assembled with Connectors at near-Batch speeds to achieve dramatic reductions in modeling time.


Transformative CAE
Slashes Modeling
Time and Cost
More time for Analysis
and Optimization
Makes Virtual Product
Development a Reality

XIPATM Product Suite


  • ML based rapid recognition and meshing of complex Geometric features and Connections
  • Meets Industry generic Modeling Specifications and Guidelines
  • Saves ~50% vs. Traditional Meshing time


  • Customer specific Geometric features and Connections
  • Attribute specific customization for Crash, NVH, Durability
  • Customer Specifications and Best practices
  • Saves 80% or more vs. Traditional Meshing time

Highlights of XIPATM

Automatic Feature Recognition

XIPA, powered by ML is trained to recognize Geometric features in the CAD data and classify these into feature families.

Continually Evolving

XIPA evolves continually with ML training from experience gained with the automotive community worldwide.

Powered by ML

Xitadel reinvents the CAE full vehicle Model Build process with XIPA - A truly Pioneering and Transformative new ML Technology. ML is the key to High Performance.

Predictive Analysis

Xitadel specializes in predicting the effect of the Response Variable using Stochastic approach with the help of Design of Experiments (DoE).

Automatic Mesh Generation

The recognized features are automatically meshed based on Algorithms that are specifically associated with each of the feature families.

Versatile & Extendable

XIPA offers automated Meshing and Connections ideally suited for the application to Model-Build of complex Plastic systems like Door inner panel, Instrument panel, Front bumper and Fascia, Interior console, etc.

XIPA's vision is being extended to achieve similar Automation performance in the Model-Build associated with complicated Castings such as Subframes, Steering wheels & Wheel rims. With XIPA, you can generate attribute specific models at the push of a button and automatically generate mesh for NVH, Crash & Durability domains.

ML Customization

XIPA Custom technology takes automation to next level through additional Custom ML training covering Customer specific geometric features, best practices and specifications.


Enhance Performance

Reduce Cost

Accelerate Innovation

Ease of use

More time for Analysis & Optimization

Large XIPA Geometric Feature library

Developed Collaboratively

Total CAE Automation of Full Vehicle
Model-Build is now within reach!

XIPATM is an ‘industry first’ technology that approaches full Batch Mesh
Automation for parts even with complex features.
You will be able to model castings, sheet metal and connections
efficiently and in no time!

We invite your organization to collaborate with Xitadel and
maximize the potential of this exciting technology

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We will help you embrace and shape the future

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