Join our webinar “Dynamics of EV & HEV with CarSim -10th February, 2021 “ featuring capabilities of VehicleSim products for EV & HEV Dynamics Simulations.
Who should attend

  • Engineers working on EV & HEV Domain.
  • Student teams working on SAE E-Baja and E-Supra
  • CarSim, TruckSim, BikeSim users from OEMs, suppliers and universities

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • Complete EV modelling
    • Battery Modelling
    • Motor modelling
  • EV vehicle dynamics testing
    • Battery location, motor location optimization based for handling and ride scenarios such as
    • Understeer Gradient.
    • Vehicle Yaw and Lateral acceleration response time testing.
    • Rollover testing etc.
  • Vehicle range determination
  • External battery, motor and controller models when extended to Matlab & Simulink.

Our Speaker

Parvez Shaikh

Product Specialist - CarSim

Sarnab Debnath

Product Specialist - CarSim