TruckSim is a software tool for simulating and analyzing the dynamic behavior of medium to heavy trucks, buses and articulated vehicles. It operates just like CarSim with a few important differences.

Current version: 2018

Trucks and buses use a different steering system than cars. They can also have dual tires, multiple axle configurations and a wide range of tractor-trailer combinations. TruckSim includes 16 common configurations, in two forms each: (1) with rigid sprung masses, and (2) with frame torsional flexibility. The frame torsional flexibility is an option available (at extra cost) that can give more realistic predictions when the associated frame data are available.

Both versions include suspended cabs. Additional truck configurations can be obtained at a reasonable price, and work in the same TruckSim environment. TruckSim comes with example trucks and buses that cover most of the vehicles found around the world. Examples come from North America, Europe and Japan.

TruckSim is built on decades of research in characterizing vehicles and reproducing their behavior with mathematical models. Data screens serve as your primary interface to TruckSim. They contain vehicle model parameters, control inputs and other run-time settings. The data screens are part of an extensive database that maintains libraries of linked data sets.