ThermoAnalytics Product Portfolio


TAITherm is the industry’s most complete and flexible thermal modeling program, one that predicts the full range of temperature distribution in your product or system. TAITherm applies a multi-physics approach to solve for thermal conduction, radiation, and convection under both steady-state and transient conditions.



TAIThermIR is one of the world’s most advanced thermal and infrared programs, empowering infrared analysts or specialists to perform complete, robust thermal modeling and infrared analysis within an integrated, easy-to-use interface. TAIThermIR accounts for and simulates the complete range of heat transfer phenomena, from convection to radiation, from storage to dissipation, from steady-state to dynamic and transient environmental influences.



MuSES (Multi-Service Electro-Optic Signature) is an industry leading infrared signature software that provides complete thermal modeling and IR signature prediction.  It is very robust, easy to use, fast, and computationally efficient. Investigation of conduction heat rates, convection heat rates and radiation heat rates using a multi-physics approach and thermal signature drivers under real-world environmental conditions can be comprehensively and completely done using MuSES.


Human Thermal Module

Human Thermal Module allows you to understand not only how efficiently and effectively a given environment can arrive at and maintain a certain temperature, but also to understand how efficiently and effectively it makes the humans inside that environment physically comfortable.

Human Thermal Module works in conjunction with our proprietary TAITherm solution. TAITherm can predict the realistic surrounding thermal conditions while Human Thermal Module can analyze the effect of these environmental conditions on human body.


Battery Module

Thermal management is one of the most critical aspects and predictors of lithium-ion battery performance. ThermoAnalytics’ Battery Module is custom-engineered to help OEMs and suppliers test, experiment and validate a battery’s thermal management optimization virtually eliminating time, expense and risk in the process.