SuspensionSim is a multi-body static solver that can be used to model virtually any suspension through the use of available components representing bushings, springs, beams, and bump stops. Most components can be modeled as linear or non-linear elements. Many standard solution types are available to simulate contemporary testing facilities. There are over 90 static suspension design factors that are computed and can be plotted or printed.

Current version: 2017

Engineers use SuspensionSim in the design, development, and analysis of vehicle suspensions. Using SuspensionSim to achieve the desirable kinematic characteristics is a real plus in achieving good vehicle performance. Looking at sensitivity factors within the suspension is extremely useful. SuspensionSim is a static solver and the solution time is generally only a few seconds. Our user feedback is extremely favorable when compared to other suspension analysis tools.

SuspensionSim has evolved through decades of experience, dating as far back as the 1970's. The code continues to agree well with test results according to our customers. Model validation has been conducted by some of the world's largest vehicle manufacturers. The graphical user interface (GUI), along with a logical engineering layout, has made model building and change evaluation simple and quick. Various suspension templates are provided that allow a "jump start" in building unique user-defined models. 19 different types of suspensions are easily designed using these templates.

In early 2013, Mechanical Simulation announced the purchase of SuspensionSim and began an extensive development effort to upgrade the software from the previous version 5.04 (2008) to make use of the latest VehicleSim technology. SuspensionSim 8.2 does indeed make use of many of the same simulation methods and Tools as the latest releases of other VehicleSim products: CarSim 8.2.2, TruckSim 8.2a, and BikeSim 3.2.1.