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Xitadel is a vision driven company that will help you achieve your Product Development objectives with NextGen Simulation technologies. We incorporate the latest advances in Lightweight materials, Optimization techniques and Multiphysics simulations. We push the frontiers of simulation with exciting new Technological advances in Process Automation, AI/ML, IoT, Digital Twin and Data Analytics.

Presently the convergence of these new emerging technologies is fundamentally reshaping and revolutionizing industries everywhere. Xitadel is tapping into these Technologies to enhance Simulation methodologies, resulting in unprecedented transformation!


Intelligent Data recognition and processing using AI/ML has great potential to impact Design, Simulation and Manufacturing in the Virtual Product Development process. AI/ML is transforming the traditional CAE processes by accelerating Modeling, Analysis, Optimization thus compressing the processing time of Complex CAE Analyses. Insights gained through AI/ML, enable rapid simulation without the repetition of finite element analyses, using such techniques as Reduced Order Modeling (ROM). AI/ML also impacts several aspects of the design process including CAD Parametric Design, CAD Data preparation and automated generation of Bill of Materials (BOM).

Xitadel’s competencies

Xitadel’s expertise in AI/ML application to Computer Vision enables these technologies to a variety of Automotive domains in Virtual Design, Virtual Simulation and Virtual Manufacturing. Specifically, we address automatic identification of Geometric features, Components and Systems for Intelligent utilization during Simulation. Enterprises benefit through lean manpower deployment yet achieve much higher levels of productivity. There are other ripple effects in adjacent domains within the company that also generates value and benefits.



Xitadel’s XIPA – Pioneering
Technology Innovation

Xitadel has developed XIPA (Xitadel Intelligent Process Automation), a pioneering CAE technology powered by ML. This Blue Ocean Technology transforms the traditional onerous task of building complex models to a “button-push” implementation. XIPA is a patented technology that delivers around 80% or more gain in performance over traditional methods with Machine Learning training. This enables high levels of iterative design evaluations and optimization, enabling organizations to achieve the promised benefits of Virtual Prototyping.


02 Synthetic Data for AI/ML
  • Technology Enabled Services for physics-driven, Photorealistic simulations of Vehicle In-cabin & Outdoor environments to custom user specifications
  • Synthetic video and image data for accurate representation of in-cabin environment for Driver & Occupant Monitoring System
  • Synthetic data for Child Presence Detection aligned with Euro NCAP Vision 2030
  • Privacy & security concerns for Datasets of Infants/Children eliminated
  • Abundant Training Datasets with extensive Variance to train, verify & validate AI/ML systems
03 AI/ML for Auto Annotation
  • Traditional & Automated Data Annotation services using Xitadel’s proprietary technology enabled Auto-Annotation
  • High Quality ground truth data for In-Cabin (Driver, Occupant, Child) & Outdoor Environment from a combination of Real World & Synthetic data
  • Advanced annotated digital assets Library with various scenarios, edge cases generated from synthetic data
04 Defence – AI application
  • Autonomous Systems: AI enables autonomous vehicles like UAVs and UGVs for surveillance and combat with minimal human intervention
  • Target Recognition and Tracking: AI-powered target recognition and tracking to enhance situation awareness and intrusion detection
  • Simulations and Training: AI/ML simulations provide virtual combat training, aiding mission planning and decision-making for military personnel
  • Intrusion detection: ML algorithms detect and neutralize enemy intrusion, protecting military installations from potential threats
  • Predictive Maintenance: ML-based predictive maintenance to predict maintenance needs, reducing downtime and improving operational readiness for defence equipment

Xitadel is innovating new techniques which include creation of Automated Scenario and Digital Assets & High Resolution Photo Realistic 3D Models for HIL & SIL Simulation using technologies developed for the Gaming industry.

06 Reduced Order Modeling (ROM)

ROM models are trained with ML techniques so that a new set of inputs to the model yields new output without the intensive computation associated with the processing of the original model.

07 Intelligent Vision Analytics

ML techniques are used to recognize, manipulate and interpret images intelligently. This technology has a lot of applications in contemporary usage.

  • Objects such as sign boards, license plate numbers that have been trained by Deep Learning (DL)
  • Semi-Annotation tool for Object Detection Applications
  • Feature Extraction from Image using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
  • Transfer learning from existing trained models (Reinforcement Learning)
08 Human Digital Models

3D Digital Human characters

  • Fully customized Photorealistic Digital human models based on real-world references
  • Modular animation asset library for creating customized animation sequences
  • Programable facial features & motions to generate highly detailed expressions for AI Vision training
09 Predictive Analytics

Xitadel specializes in predicting effect on Response Variable using stochastic approach with the help of Design of Experiments (DoE).


Digital Twin is a real-time digital replica of the physical world. It bridges the physical and simulation worlds, enabling real-time performance monitoring and management. It draws upon such technologies as IoT, Data Science, 3D Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). IoT provides the connection and access to intelligence in the physical world. AI coupled with advanced Big Data Analytics makes raw Data meaningful and useful as Information for decision making purposes. We help in designing Digital Twin that accurately reproduces test activity and can predict future states to determine product failures.

Xitadel’s competencies

Xitadel’s multidisciplinary competencies enable Digital Twin applications, combining Big Data, AI, ML and IoT to enhance efficiency, scenario and risk assessment of assets in Real time.


01 Optimal IoT Sensor Deployment

Xitadel specializes in using sensor inputs obtained through IoT data to run real-time simulations and maintain the
required system performance.

02 Smart Battery Management Systems

Real-time inputs are used to extend battery life and also to predict battery degradation and failure. This is achieved by the fusion of AI/ML and Data Analytics.


Internet of Things (IoT) connects complex devices like Electronics, Sensors, Gateways, Actuators and Platform hubs to achieve high levels of collaborative synergy across the enterprise. These devices connect and interact with each other over a wireless network, sharing Data with each other and operate without any human intervention.

Xitadel’s competencies

Xitadel’s expertise in IoT and AI enable to provide real-time response to the situation, based on the instantaneous sensor data and predictive analysis of historical data. We can help in incorporating intelligence to Edge devices by training and executing ML models on the data received from sensors, performing data transforms and data visualization in real time.


01 Connected Vehicles

Advancement in Connected Vehicles paves the way for a host of possibilities. Xitadel can help organizations apply IoT for:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • V2V, V2X, V2I Connectivity
  • Tracking of Traffic conditions on Road
  • Management of Global connectivity
02 Supply Chain Management

As Data-driven technology, IoT in logistics allows the extraction of Data from all key stages in the logistics loop, analysing
and improving strategic decision making.
Xitadel can help apply IoT for:

  • Route Management
  • Environment Condition Monitoring
  • Truck Performance statistics such as miles driven, driver behaviour etc.


Data Analytics integrates data from a vast variety of sources, drawing inferences and making valuable predictions.

Xitadel’s competencies

Xitadel has expertise with working on unstructured data for Data mining, Visual Analytics, Big Data analytics, Statistical insights and Cognitive analytics and enables to uncover patterns to extract valuable insights from the raw data.


01 Data Analytics for Automotive Applications
  • Driver behavior model: Data collected from braking, steering systems to develop a predictive model of driver behavior that can be used by fleet owners, insurance companies and predictive maintenance providers
  • Reducing green shift issues in automatic transmission: Use data analytics to identify manufacturing related issues which result in early warranty claims due to transmission calibration errors
  • Predictive cost modeling: Develop automated cost models for complex automotive subsystems from BOM to generate rapid quote development
  • Predictive analytics on CAN data to predict automotive fault codes
       Repair and Maintenance
  • AI guided repair: Use machine learning to correctly identify which parts to replace and reduce technician errors that result in false positives (replacing the wrong parts)
  • AI guided diagnosis: Use NLP and AI to enhance technician diagnostic capabilities and future proof loss of experience due to technician churn
  • Just in time production: Use AI to optimize production planning to meet JIT requirements. Combine process data with logistics data in an AI model to meet challenging constraints
02 Data Mining & Statistical Analytics
  • We provide you with optimized data models to build actionable information out of the raw data with ML algorithms.
  • Xitadel’s expertise enables extraction of statistical data which can be analyzed by ML to identify hidden pattern and trends.
03 Data Visualization
  • Our Data Analytics team will help you extract relevant Data from your repository of historic data for visualization and draw insights to make informed data-driven decisions rapidly.
04 Image Analytics
  • Xitadel currently processes and analyses data collected by drones from solar farms. This helps to predict
    imminent failure of solar panels, efficiently managing the maintenance of these panels.
  • Enterprise Knowledge management is enabled by applying AI Image Processing that combines Advanced Algorithmic techniques with Machine Learning and Computer Vision to intelligently classify and consolidate a variety of enterprise data.


In the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the quality of the data directly impacts the performance of the models. Properly annotated data allows these models to learn patterns, make predictions, and improve decision-making processes. High-quality annotations lead to more accurate models, which in turn drive better outcomes.

Xitadel’s competencies

Xitadel designs custom annotation in a highly secure environment. Our high-precision annotations consistently achieve 95%+ quality, backed by rigorous Quality Assurance processes. With our flexible delivery models, we cater to projects of all sizes, delivering scalable, precise, and reliable solutions tailored to your unique needs. Trust us to provide you accuracy and security your business requires to succeed!

Image Annotation

Xitadel has a team of seasoned image annotation experts who are proficient in crafting meticulously annotated datasets, leveraging cutting-edge techniques and advanced annotation tools. We possess the expertise to drive innovation and empower Machine Learning algorithms across a spectrum of industries, from autonomous vehicles to energy sectors etc.
1. Automotive
  • Object Detection and Recognition using Bounding Boxes: Xitadel has expertise in annotating images that are used to train algorithms to detect and recognize various objects on the road, such as vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, traffic signs, traffic lights, and obstacles. This is essential for collision avoidance systems, pedestrian detection, and traffic sign recognition.
  • Lane Detection and Lane Keeping using Polyline/Splines: Xitadel specializes in image annotation which is utilized to label lane markings, road boundaries, and other lane-related features. This information is crucial for lane departure warning systems and lane-keeping assistance systems, which help drivers stay within their lanes.
2. Drone Inspection & Analytics

Satellite Imagery using Semantic Segmentation: At Xitadel, we specialize in providing comprehensive Drone data annotation services, essential for unlocking valuable insights from Satellite Imagery. Our expertise and advanced tools empower industries such as agriculture, environmental monitoring, and urban planning to unfold the full potential of drone data for informed decision-making.

3. Infrastructure inspection using Points/Keypoints

Xitadel is a leading provider of image annotation services for infrastructure inspection. Our mission is to empower industries with accurate and reliable annotations, enabling proactive maintenance and ensuring the safety and integrity of critical assets.

  • Defect detection & classification: Team Xitadel excels in Annotation of images to identify and classify defects, anomalies, or damage on infrastructure assets such as Bridges, Roads, Buildings, Dams and Pipelines. This includes annotating cracks, corrosion, deformation, and other structural irregularities.
  • Risk assessment: Annotation of images to assess risks and ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. This involves annotating safety features, signage, barriers, and hazards to identify potential risks to infrastructure assets.
Video Annotation for ADAS

Xitadel excels in video annotation, encompassing the addition of labels, annotations, and metadata to Video Data, thereby enriching its comprehension and analysis by Machine Learning algorithms.

Video Annotation for ADAS

Xitadel excels in video annotation, encompassing the addition of labels, annotations, and metadata to Video Data, thereby enriching its comprehension and analysis by Machine Learning algorithms.
1. Object Detection using 3D point cloud annotation (LiDAR, Radar)

At Xitadel, we specialize in delivering top-tier 3D point cloud annotation services for LiDAR and radar data. Our expertise and advanced tools empower industries such as autonomous driving, robotics, and infrastructure inspection to harness the full potential of 3D data for accurate and reliable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.

2. Behavioural Analysis using 3D Cuboids

Xitadel has expertise in video annotation which is crucial for advancing autonomous vehicles and enhancing road safety. By labeling behaviors like pedestrian movements, cyclist actions, and driver reactions, it provides essential data for training machine learning models. These annotated videos enable autonomous systems to accurately predict and respond to scenarios, such as a pedestrian crossing or a cyclist turning. Additionally, analyzing driver behavior helps develop advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that detect drowsiness, distraction, or aggressive driving. This comprehensive behavioral understanding through video annotation boosts vehicle reliability and safety, reduces accidents, and improves traffic management.

In-Cabin Annotation for ADAS

Xitadel excels in In-cabin annotation, providing detailed and precise labelling of interior vehicle environments for applications in Driver Monitoring systems, Occupant Detection, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Our team is skilled in annotating various in-cabin elements, including Human occupants, Gestures, Seating positions, and Interior objects, using cutting-edge tools and techniques. We focus on capturing subtle details and maintaining high accuracy to ensure the creation of high-quality datasets that are essential for training Machine Learning models. This expertise supports the development of innovative In-cabin technologies, enhancing safety, comfort, and overall user experience in modern vehicles.
1. Driver Monitoring System
  • Drowsiness
  • Detect driver behaviour (eating, drinking, talking, etc.)
  • Identify driver distractions
  • Head, eye, and body movement data
  • Detect driver fatigue (drowsiness, microscope, sleep) and unresponsiveness
  • Driver authentication
  • Usage of Seat-belt
2. Distraction
  • Identify driver distractions like Eating, Drinking, Talking etc.
  • Identifying driver dangerous behaviours (drowsiness, micro-sleep) and unresponsiveness
3. Occupant Monitoring System
  • Track occupant state, including phone usage, eating, and drinking
  • Detect seatbelt use
  • Safety of occupant/cabin users
  • Detection of body posture & other objects
  • Occupant authentication
4. Child Safety and presence
  • Detect child/Infant
  • Ensure child safety
  • Tackling security issues using synthetic data
  • Detect seatbelt use
  • Ensure Smart cabin controls

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