Model-Based Design

Model-Based Design includes deploying code on embedded systems to create a test bench for system validation. Model-Based Design validates the code virtually, thus avoiding the need for lab and field testing.

Xitadel has expertise in validating the ADAS algorithm for multiple scenarios using HIL, SIL and Model-in-the-Loop with high fidelity Vehicle Dynamics model from CarSim software.


Model-in-the-Loop (MIL) involves developing the Plant model and Controller model. The Plant Model is the Mathematical model of the Hardware. The Controller model checks the control logics and intended behavior of the Plant model before actual implementation. MIL testing and simulation is used to test, simulate and verify the mathematical model of the Controller and the Plant.

Xitadel has domain knowledge in developing the Plant and the Controller model and testing and validating these models through Open/Closed Loop System.


Software-in-the-loop testing or SIL testing is the technique for validating and testing the Algorithm within the modeling environment. This involves integration of the controller algorithm with high- fidelity software environment for testing the control logic.

Xitadel has expertise in testing and validating the SIL system. This involves generating a code for the controller model which can used for testing the embedded system against the actual plant and environment. We have special focus on SIL testing for ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications.


Hardware-in-the-Loop involves testing the real-world behaviour of sub-systems using specific hardware and software in lieu of complete hardware. The software and hardware components interact in real time to replicate the actual behaviour of the sub-system. Hardware-inthe-loop (HIL) test methodology is used for the development of real-time embedded controllers.

Xitadel along with its partner Mechanical Simulation Corporation, has expertise in a wide spectrum of HIL testing for ADAS & Autonomous Driving applications for simulating a real time environment.

Embedded for Automotive

Embedded system is an important component of Model Based Design and Validation. An embedded system is designed to control, access the data in electronics-based systems and make decisions based on ADAS algorithms.

Xitadel has expertise in developing the Embedded system model that can be used with HIL, SIL & MIL.

Embedded Software Development

Embedded software development involves creating, testing and validating Plant and Controller models in simulation environment.

Xitadel has expertise in implementing the Model-Based Design for Automotive Simulators using tools like Stateflow and Python. This can be extended to embedded software development architecture like AUTOSAR for unit testing, verification and validation of code.

Embedded Functional Validation

Embedded Functional Validation involves validation of the embedded system based on design rules and guidelines in Model-in-the-Loop environment.

Xitadel has domain knowledge in MIL validation using standards like MISRA and ISO-26262 for code safety and reliability for ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications.

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