XIPA (Xitadel Intelligent Process Automation) from Xitadel is a transformative ultra- high performance technology for CAE Modeling. XIPA is a NextGen technology powered by Machine Learning. XIPA results in ~ 50% reduction in model build time for plastics subsystems. With further Customer specific Machine Learning training, productivity can be over 80%. XIPA recognizes standard Geometric features and Connectors automatically and creates attribute specific models.

This Blue Ocean Technology transforms the traditional time-consuming task of building complex models to mostly a “button-push” implementation. By reducing modeling time, XIPA enables iterative design and optimization, enabling organizations to achieve the benefits of Virtual Prototyping.

  • Learn how ML in XIPA can rapidly reduce the time & labor for CAE model build.
  • Learn how XIPA can be ML trained to customize for a variety of problems including CAD applications.