About us

About Us


Xitadel CAE Technologies India Private Limited is an affiliate company of the Xitadel group.

Our companies support various industries as they seek the best technologies and expertise available to improve their products. There is intense competitive pressure to develop high performance products at competitive price points. At the core of these efforts is CAE. CAE technology is presently advancing rapidly in multiple fronts. Rapid building of high quality finite element models, automation of CAE processes, lightweight engineering, optimizing structures, vehicle dynamics and simulation, HIL, SIL, cloud computing are some of the areas of rapid technology advancement. Concurrently, the expertise needed to maximize the effectiveness of these technologies is also increasing. 

Vision and Mission

Xitadel aspires to be the most valued source of critical CAE technologies and expertise needs of industry. We will achieve our vision by providing the most advanced technology solutions to industry, accompanied by high end expertise from across the globe, high quality local technical support and training. 


The company was founded by Prakash “Krish” Krishnaswamy, a technology oriented entrepreneur who founded EASi Engineering, a company renowned for its innovation and technology.

Krish is passionate about impacting industry as it undergoes fundamental transformation. His three decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, together with his zeal for technology and his connections with thought leaders spanning industry, business and the technology space, enable him to catalyze fresh transformative solutions. 

Our Core Values

The Customer is at the core of our value framework. We believe the Customer is our most valued partner, the reason for our very existence. We will strive to create value for our customers in all aspects of our offerings. We will be responsive to our customers and do all we can to meet and exceed their expectations. 

Passionate and committed Employees are critical to our success. We are committed to their well-being. We will nurture their growth and guide and mentor them through their professional development. 

Our Strengths

Xitadel has a long legacy of value creation that has contributed to key aspects of product development. Our global experience and access to a wide spectrum of technologies in CAE, Materials, Optimization, equips the company with the expertise and technology needed to ensure the success of our Customers. 

Our Customers

Xitadel’s technologies and expertise are making a difference to the critical product development processes of major companies like GM, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and many others. World renowned for their products and services, our customers demand exceptional technologies, service and support. As a partner to these companies, Xitadel believes in going the extra mile to fulfill their exacting needs and expectations. The core of our partnership relationship is mutual respect and fairness.